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Our Story

We are a team of like minded landscape photographers and buddies hailing from different parts of India, who share a unyielding passion for telling stories of nature through impactful imagery, especially of our motherland.

Compulsive travellers at heart, we are on a constant quest to capture and share the serenity that nature offers and hence came the idea of collaboration to pass our passion on - VisCapades, our Visual esCapades.

Our Vision 

To blend meaningful landscape photography with responsible photography tourism pan India.

We want to take our participants to unique locations, enable them to learn and create images that they are proud of and in the process have loads of learning and fun !

Our Offerings

We offer our services and mentorship in form of photography tours and workshops spanning the inspiring Indian terrain ranging from the mighty Himalayan Highlands to the hidden gems of North-East India and all the way to the seas and scenes of Southern Peninsula.
We also offer shorter duration and budget friendly Weekender Getways and Bootcamps focussing on budding photographers and students. This is addition to Custom (1 to 1) Tours/Mentorship to photographic locations.

And to top it up, we do provide Corporate Photography Workshops both on and off locations.

What To Expect 

  • Well researched guidance to unique photography locations

  • On field one to one guided photography sessions

  • Complete post processing workflow sessions 

  • Photography Gear to experience during the tours, from our partner brands

  • Beginner to Advanced Tips/Techniques/Inputs about Landscape Photography

  • Exploring and mastering advanced genres like Astro Landscapes, Seascapes and Fine Art  Black and Whites too

  • End to end logistics coverage for the tour participants including stays, meals and transport

  • Complete Pre and Post Tour Support

  • Engagement with regional mentors in our bid to support and promote local

Why Choose Us

Because we bring in our years of unyielding dedication, layered experience and learnings from failures into this process of travelling and creating impactful nature landscape imagery.

We also aim to enable our participants to experience and master the lesser explored genres like Fine Art Black and White, Seascape and Astro Landscape photography too, all while venturing into both beaten and off beat destinations.

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